Hello Seoullovers, Adventurers, Party People and Urbanettes, 

and welcome to ‚The Seoulite Life‘ – a blog run by a 22-years old chick still wandering around somewhere in Seoul. Inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s stunning closet and all the stories Seoul has to offer, I started this blog on a sunny Monday afternoon – armed with a a weakass coffee from the CU while sitting in my bed in my dorm room and blasting my favorite Bruno Mars Song.

I was born and raised in a mid-sized city in the middle of Germany, so driven by hunger to see the world that I actually ended up hopping on a plane and traveling all the way to South Korea’s Capital: Seoul.

Coming to such a big and colorful city as an innocent, naive wanna be grown up taught me a lot and it never leaves you without a good story at least once a day. Don’t get me wrong: I’m still an innocent, naive 22-years old Snapchat enthusiast getting lost in the streets of Seoul on a daily basis while going to university, maintaining a social life and having a part time job – but someone has to take the time and write all the good stories down, right?

So welcome to my little corner in the width of the Internet, a cozy place full of stories that will make you smile, sometimes cringe (sorry for that) but are definitely one thing – with a little spark of madness.

Catch me if you can,

                                                  xoxo Laura Belle