Spending Halloween At Home


Happy Halloween y’all! I hope you guys were spending the past Halloween Weekend with lots of fake blood, scary (and/or equally sexy) costumes and lots of fun! I decided to take it slow this year since my reverse culture shock is still hitting me hard. Seeing all my friends have fun in Seoul – the Halloween Capital of Asia – made me feel kind of homesick. What a good thing then that my Korean friends decided to spend some time with me, lots of beer and good Korean food!


We ended up making 고추장 파스타 (Gochujang Pasta) – a super easy Korean dish that only takes 10 minutes to make and drank German beer while talking about life, cultural differences and culture shocks. I didn’t know that drinking tap water was one of the biggest culture shocks they had experienced in Europe!

But of course they also had to teach me some new Korean expressions that will make my friends back home in Seoul laugh for sure haha! I mean I don’t know about you, but isn’t learning swear words and slang the most fun part of learning a language?

How did you guys spend Halloween?

xo Laura

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