Seoul Fashion Week 2017 – My Favorite Looks


Issa Wrap! One thing I love about living in Seoul is the annual Seoul Fashion Week – an event where designers showcase their newest collections and a chance for all of us non-celebrities out there to show off what we hide in our closets. No – seriously – some of my friends start planning their outfits for these six days filled with edgy leather, fancy sequins and soft velvet weeks in advance. And I get it – It’s a time for all the free spirits to come together. To see and to be seen. What a shame I had to hop on a plane to Europe the week before! But thanks to Instagram and Pinterest it is never too late to find some fashion inspo from the other side of the world and two trends have definitely caught my eye this season.

Couples who slay together, stay together

One thing I fell head over heels for this year only comes in a package of two! Yes! Couple Outfits are a thing y’all! And even though I used to roll my eyes every damn time my Dad looked at my Mom and said: “C’mon babe. Let’s go all black and white today”  I hereby apologize for all my sneaky comments and officially take back all my hate towards couple outfits. Koreans have truly taken this trend to a completely new level. Forget couple shoes and couple underwear – the newest fashion for our Bonnies and Clydes out there simply follow one principle: Showing off your special bond by wearing matching colors and fabrics while still keeping it individual and unique.


You belong to the club of the forever virgins and singles? No worries – you don’t need to couple it up to be fashionable! I noticed that oversized jackets with eye-catching prints on the back will give you the IT-FACTOR this season.

Quick Tip: Wanna spice it up a little? Wear a cute sweater underneath and throw your jacket over the shoulder à la Ariana Grande. Or show off your edginess and throw on some cute shorts and even cuter bag 😉 


What were your favorite outfits from Seoul Fashion Week 2017? Let me know!

xoxo Laura Belle


3 thoughts on “Seoul Fashion Week 2017 – My Favorite Looks

  1. Oh my gosh this is amazing!! My dream as a blogger is to go to fashion week, but I forgot to check out when it would be in Seoul! Great post. The fashion scene in Seoul is so hilariously different from its street fashion, but I love both so much.

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    1. Next fashion week is only a couple of months away! Just go to the DDP and you will find some many fashionistas dressed in the hippest fashion ever haha! Maybe I’ll see you there then next year! 🙂


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