I got a Fingertattoo … and everyone was against it


If you read my last article about getting my first Tattoo in Korea, you know how hooked I got on getting more! Before I got the venus symbol on my wrist I actually planned on getting a small tattoo on the side of my finger. I mean … have you seen Ariana’s super cute BABY DOLL Tattoo or Rihanna’s legendary Shhh…? The first time I saw them I instantly knew: I want that too. A Tattoo small enough not to be noticed that easily but still visible enough to make a statement. So shortly after I got my first Tattoo, I returned to Ida’s studio in Itaewon to get it handpoked by her sweet co-worker Baka.


Fingertattoos are becoming a big trend in Korea. Hop on the sub to Hongdae and you can spot a few rebellious Koreans having hearts, numbers, sentences or sometimes even rings tattooed on their fingers and hands. I had actually planned on getting the finger tattoo way earlier, but it took me 6 months to finally do it. Why? Because everyone advised me not to do it. Yes, getting a tattoo on your finger is a very visible spot – I know that. And Yes, I might get judgmental looks from some random Ajusshis on the subway. But despite the immense pain (finger and hand tattoos hurt like a bitch – I can tell you that!) and me having to get Touch-ups every once in a while, I don’t regret my decision at all! KakaoTalk_20170519_114420546

The end of the day it is your body and your rules. I respect listening to your friend’s and familiy’s advice but if you really want to do it, don’t let anyone stop you from that!

But now after the pet talk I also have to agree that having a finger tattoo can be a lot of work. I still put cream on it everyday (although it is already fully healed) and I avoid using harsh soaps when washing my hands these days. Moreover I tend to wear gloves now everytime I clean and mainly use a comb when I wash my hair to avoid my tattoo from fading quickly.

A tattoo is always a commitment – but it’s a commitment I make with a smile.KakaoTalk_20170519_114420374

xoxo Laura Belle


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