Power to the Women: Getting my First Tattoo in Seoul!


Being a rebellious 20-something years old in the 21st century you might guess: Getting tattooed has always been a plan of mine and when I accompanied a friend to her tattoo appointment last year, I realized: It’s about time to finally tick that point off my bucketlist.

My friend had found a young, energetic and talented artist on Instagram named Ida, who had raised in popularity after being interviewed in the i-D documentary ‘Grace Neutral Explores Korea’s Illegal Beauty Scene’. So needless to say, I was super pumped when I first stepped foot into Ida’s studio, located in one of the unknown side streets in Itaewon. 


Her studio with its big windows and lovingly thought through interior automatically makes you feel cozy and welcome. And while I was telling Ida what Tattoo I wanted, she sat my friend and me down on a comfi couch at the entrance, took notes and gave us something to drink.

Because I’m a strong believer in gender-equality and was raised by my parents as a strong, independant woman, I wanted to get something on my wrist that would symbolize exactly that: The Venussymbol – a tattoo, big enough to be noticeable, but small enough to be covered up with a bracelett. In times of hardship or self-doubt it would be a reminder to stand my ground and never give up – a symbol of true empowerment.


The pain was by far less than I expected – still tired from my morning class I even almost fell asleep. Ida took her time with the fine lines and chatted with me about this and that while my friend was snapchatting every minute of it (and also pretty much every bodypart of me haha).

After 20 minutes we were finally done and I left the studio with a new tattoo and a big smile in my face.


If you also want to get tattooed in Korea I highly advice you to go on Instagram and check out the tattoo artists there. Since every artist has their own style, you can check out their porfolio and also message them to get an appointment.

Because tattoos are raising in popularity these days (even though they are still considered a big taboo in Korea’s society), you might have to wait weeks or sometimes even months to get a response from the artists. In my case I got my appointment 4 weeks after I had contacted Ida via Kakao, but I have also heard of waiting times ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months from some of my friends – but good things take time, right?

And believe me: Once you got your first tattoo, you cannot wait to get the next one!

xoxo Laura Belle



4 thoughts on “Power to the Women: Getting my First Tattoo in Seoul!

  1. Hi, beauty. That is awesome. I still planning for my first tattoo. I hope I can get it soon. You’re so Brave.


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