Confessions of a Party Girl


If going clubbing was a legit major, I would probably be a student with honors. Since I have been in Korea I have pretty much not left out on any party. Hanging out at the infamous Playground while getting drunk of some cheapass Soju? Did that. Went to a rooftop party on a hot and steamy summer night? Done that. Getting into four clubs for free in one night at Itaewon? Check. Blacking out in Hongdae and waking up with a stamp from Mike’s Cabin? Not proud of it, but yeah, I also did that. And don’t judge me by the way – we all now that Mike’s is a magical place – especially after one of their gross fire shots. So I like to consider myself a very well experienced partygirl, that knows many of the people in the clubbing scene if that’s how you wanna call it. And even though I do appreciate a great buzz and an even better party at least once a week – I have to admit: The magic is slowly vanishing.

Don’t get me wrong – you will usually still see me at one of Seoul’s hotspots on a Friday or Saturday night, but after a while I feel like I have seen it all. My clubbing resumé includes everything from getting kicked out of places to random make out sessions with strangers in hotels after a night out (definitely not proud of that one, Sorry Mom!), from mingelling with Korean celebrities in VIP Areas to drinking shots worth of more than a thousand bucks for free (thanks for the invitation Tim!) . So as much as I basically breathe that big city party life, it only took one bad and way too sober party night during Christmas that made me realize: at the end of the day most clubs are nothing more but a big ass stuffy room with flashy lights, a sometimes way overpriced DJ and a shit ton of intoxicated, sweaty bodies desperately grinding on each other in the hope of getting laid. Don’t get me wrong! There is a reason why Seoul is home to some of the best clubs worldwide and many of my friends are incredibly talented DJs, but it’s easy to get caught up in those shallow big city lights at night that might lead you to a bad decision or two.

Why I still go clubbing you might ask? It’s simple: I have a great relationship to Tequila, decent tipsy dancing skills, love talking to drunk strangers and let’s face it … who doesn’t like to escape their boring 9-5 university student life every once in a while?

So while I am writing those lines – thinking of some of the two or three horrible party nights I had, I cannot wait to get drunk of some way too sweet shots again at a club, whose name I might not even be able to pronounce and to wake up to all the drunk messages from my friends the next morning.

Cheers my friend – cheers to those blurry big city nights, drunk snapchat stories and many more great memories or – in my case – blackouts.


xoxo Laura Belle

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