Now Trending: Warehouse Cafes

서울시 용산구 이태원로 240 1층 – 3층
240 Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul


When you have been living in Seoul for quite some time, you sometimes forget how many places you still haven’t discovered! So when my friend from Belgium hit me up, I decided to join her for some hella needed girltalks and a Hot Chocolate in Itaewon.

After having a typical Korean dinner in one of the hidden side streets (I was surprised that you can even find cheap Korean food in the infamous foreigner district), we decided to switch it up a little and go to one of Seoul’s latest trending hotspots: a warehouse cafe! 


Granted, if I didn’t have my friend with me I probably would have passed by the white building, judging it for its plain front and dull appearance. But what seemed to be one of the few ugly, forgotten buildings in Itaewon turned out to be an actual coffeeshop! After we ordered our Hot Chocolates on the first floor, we made our way up to the second one and sat down at one of the windows.

I was stunned by it’s simple but instagramworthy interior: It definitely looked like an old warehouse, where someone just shoved in a bunch of cheap chairs from IKEA and then ended up so broke, that they had to use palettes as furniture. Also: Who the hell had the idea to put a bunch of plants in the middle of the room like it’s a botanic garden? Although I was at first sceptical of the whole ‘turning a warehouse into a coffeeshop’-idea, I must admit – I love this place! It’s hidden enough not be overrun during lunch time, but trendy enough to attract the right people. And the super chill atmosphere gives you perfect peace to finish those annoying assignments, while still being able to talk and joke around with your friends without getting any annoyed looks from the table next to you.


Warehouse Cafes – a trend that might sound kinda weird and too hipster at first, but a nice place to go to if you want to switch up that boring coffeeshop routine and take some nice instagramworthy pictures with your friends!

xoxo Laura Belle


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